When you have finally completed the book that you have wanted to write for so long, you then must have very real conversation with yourself about what is most important to you about the book the you have created.

Do you want to make it available as soon as possible for readers?

Do you want to maintain creative control over the project?

Going the traditional route of agent/publisher it can take years to get your book out there, and even if you do turn out to be one of the chosen few who are taken into the bosom of a traditional publishing house, the end product they produce may not be the vision you worked so hard to breathe life into when you were writing.

For me, those were the two most important reasons I chose to be #PoweredByIndie

There are plenty of people who know more than I do, and I bow to them graciously, on all things, except my story. Don’t mistake me, I need money to live like everyone else, but I don’t write a story just to sell it.  I don’t set the plot is places that are designed only to appeal, and I don’t make the characters mouth words that I think will hit a specific demographic, and catapult me into stardom.

I can’t imagine anything worse than writing for those kinds of reasons, and because I believe this is important, keeping control of the writing/editing process is  key for me.

Indie publishing allows me to have this peace of mind. From the beginning to the end I know what is between the pages and in the minds and mouths of my characters. I could never explain the sense of joy that I had when I held my first novel in my hand, suffice it to say, it was the end of a long journey, some of which made more sense backwards.

If you have a story that needs to be told, indie publishing could be the path for you as well. Come by and visit me if you have questions.

Happy Reading!

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