Storyland Soundtracks

Storyland Soundtracks

Music is a key piece of the writing experience for me.  Perhaps it is because I was raised on movies, feeling sweeping emotions alone in the dark as the music soared and someone else’s life flickered around me in light and shadow.  Perhaps it’s just because I hear words unspoken between the ones that are, and they, too have a story to tell.

Sometimes, I find the song that suits the story, but sometimes the song is what powers the story, making my fingers move faster than they ever could alone, pounding out things that must be told, and must be heard.

In Storyland, my shadow readers would hear the drums and the words I hear when I write, and they would evoke the same sweeping kinds of emotions that you feel in the movie theatre, or when you are driving alone, belting out lyrics like an undiscovered Idol.

In Storyland, the shadow reader would see the story within the story, and lend me their hearts to set it free, and their minds so that it might be remembered.

In Storyland, the music never stops playing , and the sunset goes on forever.

Walk into it with me, turn on the music, and let the story take you away.

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