Last night I searched for the most played song on my iTunes for this week’s selection, and as much as I knew I loved this song, I had no idea I had loved it 460 times since I purchased it on 10/15/15.  I attribute the high count not only the marvelousness of this incredible song, but also its brevity.

When I hear this song it reminds me of all the things we aspire to be as humans.  In just a few words to me it tells the story of self sacrifice, of time consuming our identities and our efforts, and suggests the final resolution for all our frets and struggles. It could be interpreted as a downer, but I see only the beauty of being able to step outside yourself, and offer up everything for something you believe in.

Velvet Ears 10This week I bring you the incomparable David O’Dowda’s All Alone, from Velvet Ears 10. The album cover will take you to iTunes for a sample or a purchase.



Happy Listening!

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