I heard this week’s artist for the first time when their hit song Sex is On Fire was hot on the radio.  It was a catchy tune, and I played it, and it played out rather quickly for me.  No disrespect intended, just that for me some music burns through quicker than others.

I did not truly appreciate this group until I caught them on SNL performing songs from Mechanical Bull, their LP release from 2014.  Watching them sing Beautiful War and Temple, mesmerized me.  It was the lyrics and it was the music, but mostly it was the passion.  Even through the TV I could feel them, so, because I like to support artists I immediately ordered their album, and put it on replay.

I wrote to Beautiful War, a story of a love that was destined to ultimately fail, but that reminded us that’s it the journey and not the destination.  I identified with Temple, and every crappy romantic decision I had ever made, but had never been able to express so articulately. However,  I finished falling in love when I heard Comeback Story.  “I walked a mile in your shoes, and now I’m a mile away, and I’ve got your shoes.”

It reminded me of sweet man I hardly knew who once upon a time took me to breakfast after working the night shift, and who charmingly told me he had stolen my shoes, and now he could do anything he wanted with them.  Maybe he shares a muse with the Kings. I hope my shoes took him someplace good.  Somewhere over the rainbow even.

The Kings of Leon released their latest album WALLS on October 13, and I have been listening to it pretty regularly since then. I like them all, but my favorite is the title track.  Check out WALLS, from the Kings of Leon. As always the cover will link to iTune for a sample or a purchase.

kings-if-leon-walls  WALLS




Happy Listening!


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