I discovered The National while watching The Mindy Project.  Danny Castellano, or parts of him anyway, is just one of the many fictional characters I have fallen a little bit in love with over the years.  He has his issues, as a character and as a man, but there was something about him, maybe it was just Chris Messina, that made him sometimes irresistible.

In the episode where The National appeared, he gave up something he wanted very much, for someone that he cared for to get what they needed. Like I said, Danny Castellano had his moments.

When I did my own leg work on The National, I fell in love with this line from Graceless, “There’s a science to walking through widows without you.”  It struck as something Alice would say, on either side of the looking glass.

More recently, while looking for some inspiration on Mosaic, I took a deeper look and fell in love with Bloodbuzz Ohio, which has the incredible line, “I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees.”

Here’s to Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina and The National.  As always the cover will take you to iTunes for a listen or a purchase.

High Violet, The NationalHigh Violet- Bloodbuzz Ohio






Trouble Will Find Me, The NationalTrouble Will Find Me- Graceless





Happy Listening!

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