I like the supernatural and the strange.  If you have spent any time talking to me, or reading me, this isn’t a newsflash.  If you haven’t met me, Hi! I like the supernatural and the strange.  Now, you’re all up to speed.  🙂

I saw this on FB this morning: People Share the Creepiest ‘Glitch in the Matrix” Moment They’ve Ever Experienced.

I read this with the kind of glee in my soul that is usually reserved for five year olds on Christmas morning, followed immediately by the cynicism of a teenager on Christmas morning, because, folks, that’s what it’s like in here, even on a good day.

The stories in this article may or may not be true. I can’t speak to the literary integrity of knowable.com. Either way, these stories are super neat and make nice fictions, if they are not actual truths, so check them out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them optioned for screen plays and make to your local theatres soon.

It also inspired me to share a glitch in the matrix story of my own.

First for the folks who have never seen The Matrix, and there are three of them, currently living in the small county of Boycott Culture, USA, the expression “glitch in the matrix” is a pop culture reference to the film The Matrix (1999). In this amazing story the human race lives in a controlled computer environment, and when the machine overlords do a reset, or change something in the already planned/written code, there are usually cues that tell you something is off.  These shifts in perception account for deja vu, precognitive events, and changes in perception and awareness regarding the world around us.

My story that I am about to share is a true story.

In 2000, when smoking was cool, or at least cooler than it is now, I was on a smoke break with two co-workers.  Our office was in a small office park with interconnecting parking lots and frequently  during breaks and lunches more health conscious co-workers would walk during their down time.

Anyway, me and two co-workers were shooting the breeze and smoking it up in a car in the parking lot when two ladies walked by on their break.  Two minutes later those same two ladies walked by again, from the same direction, saying exactly what they had said the first time to each other, like the first time had never happened at all.  They had not returned by us, and enough time had not passed for them to make a complete circuit of our industrial park.

All three of us recognized what had happened and looked at each other for confirmation of what we had just seen.  I was amused, as I often am by the strange and the supernatural, but the two people I was with wigged out.  One refused to discuss it all, and the other acknowledged what had happened, and then also refused to discuss it further.

The glitch was fascinating to me, the other people who observed it denying it ever happened, was less so. I have found that reaction is most common, and over the years have become more sympathetic to people to close their eyes to the strange and hum a little song until it’s gone or over and they can pretend it never happened.

I don’t ever want to be one of those people, but I can be more sympathetic now.  So, that’s something.  🙂

What about you?  Any glitches in the matrix you want to share?

Happy Glitching! 🙂

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