Good evening all-

Last night I watched the episode of Black Mirror called White Christmas.  It starred the amazing John Hamm, of Mad Men fame.  He is always a delight to watch, no matter what he is in.  That said, my over exerted brain cells started spinning.  mom2goalies came along tonight and added some fuel to fire by talking about how awesome it would be to see Jamie Dornan and Alexander Skarsgård on the screen together, and I totally agree with her. (They are my fantasy dream cast for Eli Solomon and Malik from the Dreams Series :).

I know they have fantasy football teams, so why not Fantasy Movie Casts? Anyone want to play?  I will name some actors and you can suggest a movie plot that would best showcase their skills.

Josh Harnett, Billie Piper, Margot Robbie, Michael Pena

I think these folks have some serious acting chops.  What kind of story would you like to see them in? It can be just a genre, or if this cast inspires a full blown story idea feel free to share it here!

Happy Fantasies!

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