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#FlashFiction- Awaken

I wasn’t supposed to see him this way, and it angered me that I did.  I was trapped in empathy for him, drowning in emotions thick like quick sand, swallowing me slowly, faster as I thrashed in rebellion.  I was untouchable and uninterested in entire world...

Review of #EmeraldCity ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let me begin by saying I have been a fan of the 1939 Wizard of Oz  all my life.  It's the only musical I adore, and a story I never get too old to enjoy.  Just a few weeks ago I introduced the film to my nephew, who is five.  He was silent and still during the entire...

Storyland Art Rec: Loreal Prystaj

Loreal Prystaj has an impressive CV with shows and speaking events all over the world.  The only things more impressive are her imagination and skill.  Check out her portfolio, I'm a big fan of her Inner Child section....

A Fangy Valentine From Me to You

  I thought he’d forgotten.  I was so sure of it that I put on my pajamas, and went to bed when the sun set, denying that I even cared one way or the other. “I’ll come to you in three days’ time,” he’d sworn to me, his soft lips tickling mine with the closeness...


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