The 3rd Annual  Books to Brains CyCon 2017 is taking place April 7, 8. & 9, on the computer nearest you, and me and some other fine folks will be there participating in giveaways, panel discussions, and genre blog tours! There are so many events happening that weekend, I can’t even name them all!   If you like books, check out the link above, and mark your calendars to come join us!

I completed my registration this morning, and am waiting to hear if I get to participate in any of the panels or author interviews.  There are only a few slots for those, and I may have missed my turn this year, but I am still going to be giving away a few items, and would love to meet some fans of the Dreams Series in the virtual halls.

I’ll keep you posted as this awesome new experience unfolds for me.  πŸ™‚

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