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“How do I make you feel?” I asked him with a boldness harkening back to our brave youth.  He brought that out in me, that need to be direct and honest in all our exchanges. I didn’t want to play with words when there were so many that needed to be spoken.

“Like I’m home again,” he answered just as concisely, pulling me into his arms.  “Like I belong here, more than any other place I have ever been.”

“Yes,” I agreed, melting against him.  “Me, too.”

“I compared every kiss I ever had to our kiss goodbye,” he added leaning down toward me slowly.  “They all fell short.”

“Yes,” I agreed again, perfectly synced with him.  He kissed me again, a hello rather than a goodbye.  His lips so warm, his stubble both scratchy and soft as it grazed my cheeks.  He deepened the kiss, and there in his arms, I learned how stars burn for so long, locked in buoyant hydrogen fired kisses that had no end and no beginning. 

When he moaned softly against my lips, my hands ran up his neck, and into his hair needing him to feel this lovely burning with me. 

(c) 2016 J.A. BrownStella and Johnny- Put Your Lights On- A Pillars of Light Novella

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Johnny Nygaard and Stella Simmons met when they were children, and became the best of friends, bonded by a nightmarish afternoon in her house, where they faced the hungry things that creep in the dark.  Together they stood and forced the monsters back to save each other. They believed they would be together forever, but circumstances beyond their control tore them apart.

Years later, Stella calls Johnny back to her side to face a new threat that she cannot defeat alone, and they soon find themselves swept away by the deep connection they still share. Before long, they learn that their meeting as children may not have been an accident, and that who they truly are is tied to an ancient unending war of Light and Dark.

With everything on the line, and a battle looming, Stella and Johnny struggle to find themselves, and hold onto each other in the fight that was always destined

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