Hey there, and welcome! 🙂

It is so great to see you here! I hope that you are well, and things went your way today!

I spent some time looking at different formats for e-books, and paper books for the upcoming release of Dreams, Nightmares and Awakenings.  It was interesting, and underscored something I have been thinking quietly in the back of my mind for a few weeks now.

You see, I always, always wanted to write.  Even before I could actually form the shapes of letters I was scribbling, and pretending to read it out loud to anyone, or to no one, either worked just fine.  It never went away, but it took me so fucking long to get here.

Over the years, when I was down,  and feeling less than thrilled with life, the universe and everything, I would shake my fist at the sky of my mind and scream, “WHY?” (It’s the Swiss Army knife of questions.

Why aren’t you smarter? More successful?  Thinner?  Prettier?  And of course, if you really want to write, then why aren’t you?)

Turns out, looking back down the road traveled, I had some shit to learn.  To most of you that might sound really obvious, or arrogant or maybe both, but I’m being serious.  So many things that I have been shown, subjected to, or given the opportunity to experience play into this event for me.

Today’s reminder/lesson came with learning about how to set up one of the venues I am considering for publishing in paper back.  About a go-zillion years ago, I was a yearbook nerd.  I spent several years of my zit faced high school life learning about “bleeding” and formatting copy and images .  Of course, today’s software/template process is like traveling at light speed compared to the things I did back in the day, but the lingo…she’s pretty much the same.

Being reminded of that distant past today was helpful, humbling and gratifying all at once.  And it leads me to my question for you…

Do you still read paper, or are you predominantly an e-reader?  I’m kind of a hybrid right now, and it depends on what it is, and who it is.  E- books are convenient, fast and easy to search for specific references, quotes, etc., but holding a book, feeling a book, that kind of tangible seduction has, and I think will always have, a certain appeal for me as a reader.

Let me know what you prefer and why.

Until later,

J. A. Brown


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