Dreams- Chapter 4- Do You Trust Me (Excerpt)


I opened my eyes to find her gone. I sat up quickly, extending my supernatural senses to search my house. I could smell her. She was everywhere, and nowhere all at once. My fangs came down hard, aching like the rest of me. I was ready to continue what he had started when the day took me away. The sound of my growl filled the room as my frustration at her missing continued to rise.

Had she left me? Had I frightened her away? It felt like a hole opened up in my chest replacing my frustration with, what was that? Fear? I growled again, pushing that useless emotion away. It was then that I saw the note on the bed beside me. I jerked it up, nearly destroying it in my anxiousness to read her precious missive.

I kissed you from head to toe as you rested beside me.

I paused, and closed my eyes, breathing deeply as I searched my skin for evidence of her confessed trespass. I felt a ghost of her lips on me as I followed the trail she had left, starting at my head. A dozen kisses on my face, their barest traces left behind. My hand followed the trail down my chest, coming to rest on my thighs where she split her efforts before doubling back to take my other long leg into the web of her adoration.  I wiggled my toes, laughing as I felt the remnants of her kissing and sucking my big toes. That vixen! Opening my eyes, I went back to the note.

Then I investigated your house.

I rose from the bed, following the ghost of her footsteps through my bedroom, out into the living room. I paused, kneeling by the sofa breathing deeply. She had sat here, naked! I fell down into the spot she had used, and looked at my world through her eyes.

My living room was decorated in soft tones of brown, gray and teal. In the corner there was a large pottery vase that held a bouquet of peacock feathers. I could almost hear her giggling as she made her way over to them. Leaning down, I inhaled deeply again. Oh! She had taken a feather out, and rubbed it over her soft skin before putting it back.

Turning, I looked again at the room, my focus coming to the bookshelf in the corner where I kept some of my favorite reading material. Following her steps, I found one of my Dickens first editions pulled partly from the shelf. I could smell her on the book. Pulling it down, I saw another note sticking out.

Everything about you fascinates me. Did you know Dickens? Trash talk with him by a fire before you tasted his thick literary blood? Did the words it made on your tongue feel like a revelation?

I growled again, enchanted with this game whose rules were unknown to me. I turned to examine the room from this vantage point. Closing my eyes, I took another breath. She had left within the hour! My eyes fell to where I had removed her clothes the night before spying another slip of paper. Moving at vampire speed I grabbed it up, anticipating her next words.

My dark immortal lover could find me anywhere. He would follow the scent of me to the place where my heart dances. Can you find me, Eli? I want you to find me…I want you.

Five seconds later I was dressed, and out the door, moving a top speed to make her wish come true.

Find out what happens next!

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Dream Cover3-1 FINALEver wish that vampires were real?  On a cold snowy night, college student Sara Siler makes that wish to her friend Eli Solomon.  When her wish comes true, she slips into a dream world of unimaginable passion and hunger, where she learns that the world can still surprise even a dark little heart like hers.

Cover art by Christi Carlson

Review: Dreams by J.A. Brown



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