In honor of this being Wednesday and because we just deserve a little bit of something…good, today I am revealing the cover for Dreams Series Book 3, Awakenings.

I got the paperback proof yesterday in the mail and I am jazzed! 444 pages of what the hell happens next!

If you have already purchased Dreams and Nightmares, THANK YOU! Please consider leaving a review.  If you don’t have a copy yet, here are links to  where you can get yours now!

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dreams-3d-coverDreams, Book 1, an erotic supernatural fantasy

Ever wish that vampires were real?  On a cold snowy night, college student Sara Siler makes that wish to her friend Eli Solomon.  When her wish comes true, she slips into a dream world of unimaginable passion and hunger, where she learns that the world can still surprise even a dark little heart like hers.

Rated M for language, violence and sexual content.

nightmares-3d-coverNightmares, Dreams Series Book 2

Three years ago, the vampire Eli Solomon fell in love, and lived out the most passionate week of his long immortal life in the arms of Sara Siler. They had planned their future together, promising never to part, until she disappeared without a trace.

He will never rest until he finds her again, but what will happen when he does? Will she remember the dream they shared when he vowed to fulfill her every need and desire for all of eternity? Will she still want him the way he has wanted her for every terrible night they have been apart?



Reunited with his love, Sara Siler, Eli Solomon stands with her and their friends Mads, the demon hunter, and Malik former vampire Commander of New York, for a final showdown with the man in the shadows.  Alareon knows the real truth about Tomahawk, and what’s really been happening to the missing vampires.

He also has deep ties to both Eli and Mads, but does that mean they should trust him? Will Alareon try to push Sara and Malik aside to reclaim what was once his?

The exciting erotic supernatural Dreams Series continues in Book 3, Awakenings. 

Cover Art by Christi Carlson

Coming November 1, 2016!

Until then, Happy Reading! 🙂

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