Storyland Art Rec- Blue Jay by Mark Duplass December 22, 2016

I once lit the world on fire by declaring in  a post that art is whatever you do that makes your soul sing.  It makes me smile even now, even though there were some rough moments where people tried to argue with my opinion, which is impossible to do.  You can argue with facts, but spewing anger and epithets at each other because you like peanut butter and I prefer chocolate, so to speak, is wasted energy.

My opinion is still the same.  Art is whatever you do that makes your heart sing.

Up to now, most, if not all, of my art recs have been centered on what most would consider the traditional definition of that word, like photography, painting, digital art, etc. However, this week’s rec is the Mark Duplass movie, Blue Jay.

(Poster links to IMDB site for movie for a sample and additional information)

IMDB summary:  Meeting by chance when they return to their tiny California hometown, two former high-school sweethearts reflect on their shared past.





Mark wrote the script and stars in the movie with the amazing Sarah Paulson, probably most famous for her many roles in American Horror Story, though she packs a resume that showcases her incredible talent.

This is an incredibly intimate film, in all the best ways.  People often confuse intimacy with sex, so let me clear, I don’t mean sex.  There is a kiss and miss, but the words, and the emotions these two bring to life are deeper, and more meaningful than what some couples share in an entire life time.  The chemistry is perfect, their interaction is superb as it burns you down and takes you back through memories of the life you once had, or always wished you had.  It was like sitting by a stream on a quiet summer, day and letting the flowing water hypnotize and soothe you.

There is nothing I didn’t love about this wonderful film. It’s streaming on Netflix now, and if you have some down time this holiday season, I recommend spending it with Mark and Sarah. You can hear their souls singing in their performances, and in his writing, and to me that makes Blue Jay a piece of art.

If you like it, share it with your friends and tag Mark on Twitter @MarkDuplass, and show him some love. All artists love kisses and shiny things, and need those things to encourage them to keep putting themselves out there.

Happy viewing!



Storyland Art Rec December 15, 2016

The first sci-fi movie I remember seeing was Altered States, and I loved it! I was 11 then, but I love it still, even today.  Since I have, of course, loved Star Wars, Alien, Independence Day, Predator, the list is endless.  I love the possibility of life on other worlds, but am saddened by how more often than not in our literature and films we wind up killing each other.

I wish that we could imagine better stories with happier themes, where we impossibly all just get along.  In the meantime I offer for you viewing enjoyment a link to the fabulous sci-fi art of Pascal Blanche.

Pascal Blanche

Happy Viewing!

Storyland Art Rec – Michael Shainblum Photography

Ever see one of those incredible photos with the Milky Way on full glorious display over a landscape and wonder how the hell do they do that?

Check out this weeks Storyland Art Recommendation, and behold the wondrous creations of Michael Shainblum Photography:

His photos are beyond amazing and on his page he has filmed some Q&A’s for photographers who are interested in doing their own, or in just learning about his incredible process.  It’s great information for photographers on equipment, style and editing software.

He impressed me tremendously with his art, and his discussion sessions because he made it very clear that while some specific equipment can be necessary for some complicated shots, what you need  most is a good eye and a passion for the art.  That’s something that is often overlooked when people just want to sell you thousands of dollars of equipment and editing programs.  Catching the dream shot is more about seeing it than anything else, and how sometimes you have to see beyond the moment you are in, and anticipate the beauty that awaits.

He mentions that you can contact him to license the use of his pictures, so if you are looking for cover art that is out of this world, this might be a good place to start!

I love it when art inspires art, and we can all support each other in making our dreams come true!


Storyland Art Rec – Bizarre Art

Some days you just need a distraction.  It might be Friday and you’re watching the seconds tick by too slowly, it might be presentation day and you are wound up so tightly that when you open you mouth all you can make is a squeaky sound, like a balloon on a semi-controlled air dispersal.   It might be that you are waiting to see the fate of a 200+ year democracy.

Whatever the case may be, on days like that I usually need something to distract me.  Today, just in case you need something to take your mind off of things for a bit, I did a quick search on FB and found this:  Bizarre Art.

I glanced through and saw some thought provoking and fascinating things.  Check it out for yourself.

Happy Tuesday!




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