#musicmonday Tove Lo- Lies in the Dark

I’ve been a fan of Tove Lo since I first heard Habits (Stay High) in 2014.  She has provided hours of writing companionship for me as I traveled through and around broken fictional hearts and a couple of real ones.  I love her music and lyrics, and was delighted to find her on the new 50 Shades Darker Soundtrack. It was like seeing her come home.

As many of you know, I am currently engaged in writing Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4.  Today, being Monday and a day that ends in Y, I was struggling to find the right tone for a scene I was working on.  I’ve said many times that music is an integral part of my creative process.  This song was PERFECT, and got the old wheels spinning.

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400x400bb Lies in the Dark/Tove Lo








Happy listening!

#musicmonday- William Orbit- Water from a Vine Leaf

I first caught this week’s song on public radio while driving home from work.  William Orbit’s Water from a Vine Leaf, is immediately hypnotic and catchy in the way Moby was when he produced Play.

I love ambient electronic music.  Sometimes it can feel like a road that is taking you someplace on the edge of your wildest dreams, and sometimes it can feel like a lullaby.

This week’s song does both.  If there were a track for my dreams, it would be this.

400x400bb Water from a Vine Leaf.






Happy listening!

Storyland Song of the Week – February 6, 2017

I discovered The National while watching The Mindy Project.  Danny Castellano, or parts of him anyway, is just one of the many fictional characters I have fallen a little bit in love with over the years.  He has his issues, as a character and as a man, but there was something about him, maybe it was just Chris Messina, that made him sometimes irresistible.

In the episode where The National appeared, he gave up something he wanted very much, for someone that he cared for to get what they needed. Like I said, Danny Castellano had his moments.

When I did my own leg work on The National, I fell in love with this line from Graceless, “There’s a science to walking through widows without you.”  It struck as something Alice would say, on either side of the looking glass.

More recently, while looking for some inspiration on Mosaic, I took a deeper look and fell in love with Bloodbuzz Ohio, which has the incredible line, “I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees.”

Here’s to Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina and The National.  As always the cover will take you to iTunes for a listen or a purchase.

High Violet, The NationalHigh Violet- Bloodbuzz Ohio






Trouble Will Find Me, The NationalTrouble Will Find Me- Graceless





Happy Listening!

Storyland Song of the Week January 30, 2017

One of my top 10 all time favorites.

400x400bbShe’s My Ride Home





I used in my first fan fiction, which still gets love, even almost 4 years later.  🙂  To me, She’s My Ride Home, speaks to the things that always make me sing…HEA, and the way we can sharpen each other, making us better or worse, depending on “the intrinsic worth of the clay.”

Here’s a shout out to Blue October, Stephen King, and sharpening the knife.

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Happy listening!



Storyland Song of the Week

It’s important to have music for every mood and scene, because you never know. Ya know?  If a roaming goth winds up on your doorstep, and you need to find something that entertains you both, start here, with Never Land, by The Sisters of Mercy.

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Storyland Song of the Week -January 9, 2017

I’ve been stuck in a kitchen in Kansas for a month now, on the edge of a moment.   It was a big moment, and the sheer size and importance of it to my story, and my characters, left me reaching for words that never seemed quite good enough.

I’m out now, but I cheated.  Much like Dorothy did, when she was trying to get the hell out of Kansas, too. She hopped a tornado, I just faded out.  But it’s early and this is a first draft.  Maybe I gotta storm coming my way, too.

Meantime, this is the mood of my characters, and coincidentally, also the mood of your storyteller.

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400x400bb Red Earth & Pouring Rain


Happy Listening!

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