#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

I showed her my first glimpse of her in Omaha, the warrior covered with weapons from head to toe, her sharp emerald gaze making my skin tingle when she looked at me.  I let her feel what it did to me, a stutter in a heart that never beat. — Malik, Mosaic

(c) J. A. Brown, Storyteller- Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

#musicmonday Tove Lo- Lies in the Dark

I’ve been a fan of Tove Lo since I first heard Habits (Stay High) in 2014.  She has provided hours of writing companionship for me as I traveled through and around broken fictional hearts and a couple of real ones.  I love her music and lyrics, and was delighted to find her on the new 50 Shades Darker Soundtrack. It was like seeing her come home.

As many of you know, I am currently engaged in writing Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4.  Today, being Monday and a day that ends in Y, I was struggling to find the right tone for a scene I was working on.  I’ve said many times that music is an integral part of my creative process.  This song was PERFECT, and got the old wheels spinning.

As always, a click on the cover will take you right to iTunes for a purchase or a sample listen.

400x400bb Lies in the Dark/Tove Lo








Happy listening!

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

I wanted to ask her if she had died to get here, but felt that would open doors I wasn’t ready to go through.  Asking questions created some expectation that I would allow the same.  I had too many secrets I needed to keep… (Mads, Mosaic)

#amwriting Mosaic, Dream Series Book 4

“Why does coffee always evoke an emotional reaction from you, Sheriff?” I snorted, part in anger, but mostly in pain.

“It reminds me of someone I used to know.”

(c) 2017, J. A. Brown, Storyteller-Mosaic, Dream Series Book 4

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#DreamTeam Interview Date 2/23

Hello out there, and good evening!

The Dream Team panel discussion with the characters and writer of the Dream Series will be released on 2/23! I also have a special surprise for all you Dreamers, so stay tuned! It’s gonna be good! 🙂


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