#amwriting Mosaic, Dream Series Book 4

“Why does coffee always evoke an emotional reaction from you, Sheriff?” I snorted, part in anger, but mostly in pain.

“It reminds me of someone I used to know.”

(c) 2017, J. A. Brown, Storyteller-Mosaic, Dream Series Book 4

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#FlashFiction- Awaken

I wasn’t supposed to see him this way, and it angered me that I did.  I was trapped in empathy for him, drowning in emotions thick like quick sand, swallowing me slowly, faster as I thrashed in rebellion.  I was untouchable and uninterested in entire world of people who flowed around me, until he made me see him.  It was even more insulting that he did not want to be seen any more than I wanted to see him.

Leave me alone, his actions proclaimed when words failed him, and I would try, driven away by shame at feeling such need, and anger at myself as much as him.  If I had to feel this, why didn’t he?

It was only later that it occurred to me that just because he wasn’t twitching and screaming beside me, it did not mean that he was not as overwhelmed by this intimacy that neither of us wanted, and later still that I wondered over the grand plan that had decreed it be so.  What was to be gained from loving someone you could never bring yourself to touch, even though it was the only thing you could want whenever you saw them or heard their voice?

(c) 2017, J.A. Brown, Storyteller

A Fangy Valentine From Me to You


I thought he’d forgotten.  I was so sure of it that I put on my pajamas, and went to bed when the sun set, denying that I even cared one way or the other. “I’ll come to you in three days’ time,” he’d sworn to me, his soft lips tickling mine with the closeness of his words.  At the time, I’d wanted him to stop talking, and keep kissing me, but tonight I would settle for either, even though I expected neither.

So much had happened to me since he had bid me goodbye just before daybreak to seek shelter from the sun.  Maybe I was projecting my own anarchy onto his existence, when in fact, he had simply been waiting, still and complacent for our moment of reckoning.

I tossed and turned for hours, my frustrations mental and physical.  Didn’t he know I needed him here, right now?  I rolled over and into his arms, suddenly and completely enveloped in the vampire I was starting to think of as mine.  “You’re dressed,” he observed, sounding amused, as though I had challenged him with my Hello Kitty pajama’s.

“I…I didn’t think you were coming,” I told him, dropping my gaze to his stubbly chin.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” he told me, and though the phrase was commonly used, somehow it sounded bigger and broader falling from his lips.

“Is being with me a danger to the world?” I asked, breathless.  I knew it was complicated, but maybe I didn’t understand know how complicated it actually was.  One of his hands tangled itself in my hair, his fingers flexing as he tugged my head back to make me look him in the eye.

“It’s a danger to my world,” he told me, repeating the warning in a kiss that took my air, and fanned my fire.  I should have worried that I was destroying him, his words had begged me to consider it, but he tasted too good to let him scamper away before I had taken everything I needed.



Happy Valentines’ Day from me to each of you. Appreciate all the special people in your life today, especially yourself!  Give yourself a hug from me!


#DreamTeam Interview Date 2/23

Hello out there, and good evening!

The Dream Team panel discussion with the characters and writer of the Dream Series will be released on 2/23! I also have a special surprise for all you Dreamers, so stay tuned! It’s gonna be good! 🙂


#am writing Mosiac, Fan ?’s

#am writing Mosiac, Fan ?’s

As a promotional piece for Mosaic,  I am creating a webzine interview for Storyteller Magazine, with questions from the fans of the series!

It will be a panel interview, like ComicCon where all the characters, and the writer will be present to talk to you!

You can ask questions of  any character from any book in the series, or the writer! Please begin with who the question is for, and then fire away!

Tweet, email or FB me your questions by midnight EST 2/12/17

E-zine release date will be announced Monday 2/13/17

Tell me your Dreams 😉

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

Hello all 🙂

As I mentioned in my last Journey in Writing post, I have started Mosaic, the fourth installment of the Dreams Series. I love this world and these characters so much, it has been the best time sliding back into them and picking up our story where we left off.  It feels like coming home, and breaking out at the same time, because we are in an entirely new world now.  I hope I can do justice to what I see in my head when I think of it!

Here’s a little snippet for you!

***************SPOILER ALERT********************************

“This body you love so, could be yours again, Mads.  You could rest in the arms that you remember, and long to feel again.”  His second hand came up to press out, too.  “I could give you everything you want, anything you need.  It could be just like before, Mads.  Let me love you, little demon.”  I broke the connection, before I fell into the trap that had been laid so expertly before me, because Abadan was right.  I did want something.  The thing that saved me was that Abadan couldn’t give me what I wanted.


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See you soon!

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