#B2BCyCon2017 & J.A. Brown

#B2BCyCon2017 & J.A. Brown

Hello all-

Today is the last day of B2BCyCon, and I hope you’ve had a chance to spin around and see all the fabulous authors! There is a lot happening, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out of anything!

This is the main link to B2BCyCon, dive in and find the genre you love the most, or heck, visit them all!

You’ll find me under ROMANCE, at #4 On the Blog Hop. There you can see more information about Dreams Series Book 1, the amazing video trailer for the story, and also sign up for some great prizes!! Don’t miss out!

I’m also over on Goodreads talking about the incredible artists that made the covers for my Dreams Series, Golden Designs, and the amazing video trailer you just watched on the Blog Hop link, Robin’s Motifs. If you’re looking for some unforgettable art to promote your work, this is who you want to talk to!  And if you have questions for me, hit me up! 🙂  I just added an excerpt from Dreams and a full series overview complete with fan reviews!

For even more information, you can check out my Author Spotlight Showcase! There I talk in depth about how my characters Eli and Sara redefine the concept of passion, and what makes the Dreams Series  stand out in the world of paranormal romance.

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Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to enter to WIN some great prizes! I hope you enjoy the convention and find some great new authors and stories to share with your friends!

Best Wishes and Happy Reading!


#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

I showed her my first glimpse of her in Omaha, the warrior covered with weapons from head to toe, her sharp emerald gaze making my skin tingle when she looked at me.  I let her feel what it did to me, a stutter in a heart that never beat. — Malik, Mosaic

(c) J. A. Brown, Storyteller- Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

#Flashfiction- Time

She was wearing a little blue dress, skipping rope the first time I saw her.  Her hair was in braids, tied with little ribbons that matched her dress.  She was eight, I was nine, and time stopped for me.

She was wearing jeans and red t-shirt, sipping beer in my backseat, with her hair down, the next time I saw her.  It was a new game, filled with hormones and dare you’s, and when she let me slide my hand under her shirt, time stopped for me, again.

She was wearing a white dress, I think it belonged to her mother, maybe her grandmother, too, but it looked like it was made just for her.  When she saw me waiting there for her, I could feel the warmth of her smile on my cheek, like a touch, and time stopped for me, keeping that feeling next to my heart forever.

She was in a hospital gown, her hair matted with sweat, heaping curses on me, and the men of my family ten generations back, as she gave life to another of them.  Time stopped there, holding her safe and fast, my son in her arms, and my heart in her hands.

She was in a black dress, the last time I saw her. Her hair was short and silver, with a thousand laugh lines on her sacred skin, and I refused to let time stop.  She was gone now, leaving me with frozen snippets of love and life to huddle near for warmth, but this place wouldn’t do without her.  I pushed time on, faster, that I might follow her, and do it all again.

©2017 J. A. Brown, Storyteller

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

“Nothing has the power to take me from you, blood of my blood.” Lightning arced through the night sky above his head, lighting up the sky.  “Nothing,” he repeated, willing me to feel his certainty. — Malik, Mosaic

(c) 2017, J. A. Brown, Storyteller

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

I wanted to ask her if she had died to get here, but felt that would open doors I wasn’t ready to go through.  Asking questions created some expectation that I would allow the same.  I had too many secrets I needed to keep… (Mads, Mosaic)

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