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Welcome, once and future Dreamers…

My name is J. A. Brown, and I am the creator of paranormal vampire romance series Dreams!

Eli Solomon is a four thousand year old vampire Commander with the handsome face of a young college boy.  While on sabbatical from his every night life he meets a woman who turns his head and thrills his long silent heart, but his sabbatical is nearly over.  Will he be able to let her go, and return to the endless march of dark time alone?

Sara Siler has a secret of her own, and on Christmas Eve she confesses to Eli, “I wish vampires were real,” giving Eli a chance to tell her who he really is, or to disappear into the shadows again, leaving Sara unaware that her closest friend is her heart’s desire.

Intrigued by her wish, but unsure whether to risk exposing his kind, Eli is torn between desire and reason.  When desire sweeps him away, he finds he most intense passion that he has ever known in Sara’s arms, and though he is falling, it feels too good to worry about the landing.

The Dreams Series, Books 1-3 are available now!   Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CAApple iBooks, KOBO, Smashwords

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