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As I mentioned in my last Journey in Writing post, I have started Mosaic, the fourth installment of the Dreams Series. I love this world and these characters so much, it has been the best time sliding back into them and picking up our story where we left off.  It feels like coming home, and breaking out at the same time, because we are in an entirely new world now.  I hope I can do justice to what I see in my head when I think of it!

Here’s a little snippet for you!

***************SPOILER ALERT********************************

“This body you love so, could be yours again, Mads.  You could rest in the arms that you remember, and long to feel again.”  His second hand came up to press out, too.  “I could give you everything you want, anything you need.  It could be just like before, Mads.  Let me love you, little demon.”  I broke the connection, before I fell into the trap that had been laid so expertly before me, because Abadan was right.  I did want something.  The thing that saved me was that Abadan couldn’t give me what I wanted.


If you want to be an ARC reader for Mosiac, be sure to sign up here! http://jabrownstoryteller.com/arc-readers/

By signing up you will get to read it before the public release in exchange for a fair review the day it goes live!

See you soon!

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