Last week I got to meet a fan.  We’ll call her E for the sake of her privacy.  E received the Dreams Series as a Christmas gift from a friend. E reached out to me to share her thoughts on Dreams and how much she enjoyed all three books, and to ask me to sign Put Your Lights On, which she had immediately went out to purchase because it was the only other book I currently have available for sale.

The experience was delightful, and completely amazing! In sharing her reading experience with me, E said that she could not put the books down, and had to know what happened next each time she finished a book.  She told that the writing made her feel like she was right there in the story with them.  I have to say, THAT was THE EXPERIENCE I wanted the reader to have, and to have it come back to me like that was AMAZING!  She also wanted know when Mosaic would be ready, because she needed to read it, NOW! 🙂

I’m still smiling.

To know that my story entertained and delighted anyone is the greatest gift imaginable to me.  To have someone seek me out to tell me in person was a new experience.  A FABULOUS new experience! One that I will always remember, and try to keep front and center when things are quiet, or not seeming to go my way in this new gig.

There are books that I have read in my life that still travel with me, that I remember with fondness. To think that I might create something like that for someone else gives me chills all over, in the best way.

I had asked the universe if this was the right thing for me to be doing, and I think I got my answer.  Thank you, E, and thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, stuck with me in the transition from fan fiction writer to original writer, and who has dared to Dream with me.  This is just the beginning…

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