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#FlashFiction- Exchange

#FlashFiction- Exchange

A lot of girls I knew wanted complicated things.  Guys who could read their minds, whilst decorating them in diamonds, as if they were Christmas trees as yet uncut, in the middle of an ice storm. It always seemed to me that getting picked was an ending more than a...

The Power of the Almost Kiss

In my junior year of high school I fell madly in love with a senior.  He was incredibly smart, funny and handsome, and the impact he had on me still resonates even after all this time. It all started when I interviewed him for the school paper.  I took myself very...

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

I showed her my first glimpse of her in Omaha, the warrior covered with weapons from head to toe, her sharp emerald gaze making my skin tingle when she looked at me.  I let her feel what it did to me, a stutter in a heart that never beat. -- Malik, Mosaic (c) J. A....

#Flashfiction- Time

She was wearing a little blue dress, skipping rope the first time I saw her.  Her hair was in braids, tied with little ribbons that matched her dress.  She was eight, I was nine, and time stopped for me. She was wearing jeans and red t-shirt, sipping beer in...

#amwriting Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4

“Nothing has the power to take me from you, blood of my blood.” Lightning arced through the night sky above his head, lighting up the sky.  “Nothing,” he repeated, willing me to feel his certainty. -- Malik, Mosaic (c) 2017, J. A. Brown,...


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